Boop! Kevin, Wendy and Brent discuss a few more shows – Supernatural and Heroes. As usual – beware of spoilers!

00:40 – Supernatural (1/21 episode 5.11 Sam, Interrupted)
05:33 – Heroes (1/18 episode 4.16 Pass/Fail)

2 thoughts on “Tuning in to SciFi TV#66: Last Call”
  1. Why would you suspect Hiro might get a scar during his swordfight with Adam? You did notice those scenes were just symbolic of Hiro’s mental trauma because of his brain tumour, right? How could he get scarred in “a dream”?

    1. I really want some character development for Hiro that ties to the FutureHiro we saw in the subway with the sword. I keep looking and hoping for it.

      I do understand the Trial was in his mind. But that’s no reason why he couldn’t manifest a scar from his dreams… the mind is powerful. Plus stranger things have happened on Heroes. 😀

      Thanks for listening,

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