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An Impossible Pictures production for ITV1

PRIMEVAL II starts on 12th January 2008 on ITV1.

Picture shows [L-R]: Abby [HANNAH SPEARRITT] and Connor [ANDREW LEE POTTS]

Picture caption: ITV1 is proud to announce the return of the critically acclaimed adventure series Primeval. Having taken a monster size chunk out of Saturday nights in 2007, DOUGLAS HENSALL, HANNAH SPEARITT, JAMES MURRAY, BEN MILLER, ANDREW LEE-POTS, LUCY BROWN and JULIET are back. And this time round, there are some new faces as KARL THEOBALD (Green Wing), and NAOMI BENTLEY (The Mark of Cain) join the team in their quest to solve the mystery of the anomalies (a series of rips in time) and save the world from some seriously beastly opponents. From a family of raptors going wild in the aisles of a local shopping mall, a sabre-tooth at an amusement park, to a Woolly Mammoth holding up traffic up on the M25, the creatures just keep on coming.

As series one reached its devastating conclusion, Professor Nick Cutter [DOUGLAS HENSHALL] was having a rather bad day. And he still is. His estranged wife Helen [JULIET AUBREY] has deceived him; tricking him into going through the anomalies one last time. But something has gone terribly wrong. Upon his return to the present, the world as he knows it has changed. And he and Helen are the only two who know.

As series two opens, Claudia Brown a member of the original team [LUCY BROWN] has never existed and the others have no idea who she was. With Helen gone AWOL, Nick alone must convince them their actions have inadvertently altered the course of nature. Although he has absolutely no idea what went wrong or how to fix it.

This picture is [C] Impossible Pictures/ITV

Photographer: Jon Hall

Picture Source: Digital image

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