Mega Python vs. GatoroidKevin Bachelder is joined by Jenn Geoppinger of The Seeker Cast for a spoiler and fun filled discussion of Syfy’s original Saturday B-move entitled Mega Python vs. Gatoroid.

You can listen to the episode now by using the ‘Play’ button below or follow the break for more detailed show notes.

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Creature Double Feature

For additional information about this movie: Original Movie page
IMDB page

Overall Rating:
Kevin – solid “Watch it Now”
Jenn – “Watch it Soon” with friends



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One thought on “Saturday B Movie Reel #1 – Mega Python vs. Gatoroid”
  1. I love this idea of the SyFy B Movie fan podcast.

    I actually watch these movies, all of them, and many I regret spending the hour and a half I spent watching them. But for every few duds, you find a fun gem. As for the films you’ve covered, I’ve seen them all and more going back to when Sci-Fi Channel first started.

    This movie was watchable for awesome ending between its stars more than the monsters. I barely cared to watch the monsters in the film as I was anticipating the cat fight until it actually occurred.

    My ratings: Title – 7, Plot – 4, Acting – 6, F/X – 6, Cheese – 7, Eye Candy – 6, Rewatchability – 6, Death Scenes – 7

    The acting of Debbie Gibson has improved and is far better than Tiffany’s acting. Tiffany did not look nearly as good as Debbie Gibson, but she certainly had the chest to show off for the male audience.

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