Wendy continues the Game of Thrones bonus series with special guests spanning the map of the Seven Kingdoms and all events in season 1. In show #3, Jesse Jackson from Texas, and Christine Peruski from Michigan, discuss those left behind struggling to keep the Starks alive in Winterfell. Luckily they have their direwolves to keep their enemies at bay. Read on for the details.

Special notes for spoiler-phobes:
– the first few minutes discuss GoT in general but we warn you before we dive into the details of all of season 1.
– If you haven’t read A Song of Fire and Ice book series by George R.R, Martin, you’re safe here from book spoilers. We are only discussing the story as presented in the TV series. We will not be discussing the books.
We discuss all the events in season 1, so if you have not seen episodes 1 through 10, you will get spoiled by our discussion here.

One thought on “Game of Thrones Special #3”
  1. Another great episode, with some very enjoyable insights being shared by the participants.

    I must admit, though, that it always irks me when fans of the show talk about how much they like Drogo and Dany. I simply don’t get it. Drogo didn’t start off as being likable, and for me he was even less likable by the end with his constant references to mounting this and that, and his big speech wherein he vowed to rape the women, and enslave the children, of Westeros.

    Dany didn’t fare much better, as far as I was concerned, because she bought into all the patriarchal rubbish that Drogo and his people were so wrapped up in, and was even visibly excited when Drogo was making his ghastly vows.

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