It’s disaster movie time and we have Kevin, Jessa from and Christopher from discussing “Super Eruption”.

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One thought on “Saturday B Movie Reel #21 – Super Eruption”
  1. This movie was an ok B-Movie by SyFy standards.

    It was very predictable with one or two ridiculous plot twists. But, it had two decent actors in it with one I was a big fan of (Richard Burgi).

    I know Richard Burgi mostly from his starring role in the Sci-Fi series The Sentinel. He is a great actor in whatever he does.

    Juliet Aubrey, who I only know from Primeval, was passable here. You knew she was just doing it for the paycheck.

    The other actors I barely knew and they were barely passable. The director of DMA was awful and her partner with his one line (I can’t just endorse this), well of course you can’t, that would be too easy.

    Ratings: 5, 5, 7, 4, 5, 4, 2, 3.
    Title, Plot were generic.
    Good casting, enough to make to want to see it.
    Special Effects were cheesy. Not enough eye candy for the men, the daughter looked attractive but didn’t give us guys anything to look at.
    Death Scenes – I would have liked to see more gruesome deaths. I was a little disappointed.

    With disaster pictures, I actually wanted more heroic deaths and more camp to make it more rewatchable. I wouldn’t rewatch it again.

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