Don’t look now but it could be the end of the world. Well at least according to Doomsday Prophecy which we have coming up on Syfy on August 13th.

Here’s the brief description…

A book editor (A.J. Buckley) and an archeologist (Jewel Staite) hunt down a mysterious author of prophetic novels. When the writer is found dead, the editor obtains a device enabling him to see the future – an impending geological nightmare that will tear apart the planet. Doomsday Prophecy is a production of Cinetel Films.

Video preview link below…

3 thoughts on “Syfy Original Movie – Doomsday Prophecy Aug 13th”
  1. A flat, yet earnest script culled from the worst of Coast to Coast imaginings. Not going to do anything for the actor’s careers. Yet another dud from Syfy (why can’t they even try to adapt a decent science fiction story?). From her performance, Jewel seemed to regret accepting the job.

  2. I didn’t think this one was too bad. The Saturday B Movie Reel podcast for this one should be out next week.

    Keep in mind that Syfy doesn’t actually make these movies. They buy the airing rights from other film producers/companies.

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