Regular listeners know how big of a fan I am of Charlie Jade. That’s why I’m so excited to see that it is now available for free on both Hulu and Netflix streaming.

Netflix streaming members can find the series here.

You can find it on Hulu here.

You can even view the first episode on Hulu below.

One thought on “Charlie Jade Now Available On Netflix And Hulu Streaming”
  1. This was exciting news to hear. My wife and I are about half way through the series and have been streaming Charlie Jade from Hulu. We have an Apple TV, but none of the other technologies to allow us to watch it together on our television. Now, with Netflix streaming it, we can put it on “the big screen.” We’re going to start over and watch it together. We love Charlie Jade so far and wish there was more Sci Fi like this being produced and aired!

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