Saturday B Movie Reel Preview – May 2012

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Time to find out what’s coming up for Syfy Original Movies in May as well as what’s coming up on Saturday B Movie Reel.

Original Movies Airing On Syfy This Month

5/19 American Warships (aka American Battleship)
5/26 Super Shark *

* Not technically a Syfy Original since it was released on DVD in February but it’s a fun one.

The official Syfy press release for these can be found here.

Syfy Originals On DVD, Vintage and Could B Syfy Titles We Plan To Cover Soon

Interview with George Kostuch

Some Upcoming Syfy Original Movie Reairings

Syfy Original Movie reairings schedule

Dinoshark 5/26
Dinocroc vs Supergator 5/26
Sharktopus 5/26

News And Links

The Asylum Confirming My Question About ‘American Battleship’ Airing On Syfy
Jersey Shore Shark Attack Description And Trailer
Swamp Volcano Coming To DVD In July
SPACE airings in Canada – Arachnoquake May 5th, American Battleship May 12th, 2 Headed Shark Attack May 19th
Jules Verne’s The Mysterious Island Lands On DVD May 29th
Jason Bourque’s Doomsday Prophecy Coming To DVD In July
Official Piranhaconda Poster Has A Lot of Cheek
Roger Corman Comments About Piranhaconda And The Other Syfy Channel Movies He’s Done

First Look at Mike Mendez’s Mega Spider in Action
Alamo Drafthouse Events
Announcing The Expanded Line-up For Summer of ’82 At The Alamo Drafthouse
Ghost Sharks, Ghost Co-Eds, and Chupacabras, Oh My!
Badass Monster Killer from TFO Productions
Monster From Bikini Beach (available on You Tube) & Planet Of The Vampire Women
Saturday Night Syfy Drive In Theater at Dragon*Con 2012 – Mega Python vs Gatoroid

Friends of the Podcast

Jeff Long’s B-Movie Shelf
Antipodal Arapaima

Community and Resources

We have a Fans of Syfy Original Movies Facebook group if you want to discuss the Syfy movies and other fun scifi/fantasy B movies with fellow fans. We also have a Saturday B Movie Reel Facebook fan page if you want to keep up on all our activities.

You can also follow us on Twitter as @SatBMovieReel.

Review our searchable Syfy Original Movie database.

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