Kevin’s Dragon*Con 2012 Events

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The schedules for the Dragon*Con fan tracks are starting to firm up so I wanted to share the events that I’m scheduled to be participating in as a panelist or host. Please keep in mind that the schedules at Dragon*Con are very fluid and subject to change right up to the last minute.


Whedonverse 101

Friday 8/31 11:30am Whedon Universe track
Creepy Cabins, Phallic hammers, Mudder’s Milk…what’s that all about? Our panel of Whedon experts are here to answer your Whedon questions.


Confessions of B-Movie Fanatics

Friday 8/31 1pm American Scifi Classics track
Come discuss all the great (and not so great) B-movies and TV shows! Everything from the Atomic Horror of the 50’s, Roger Corman’s classics, Kolchak’s TV terrors, and beyond!


Geek TV!

Friday 8/31 5:30pm American Scifi And Fantasy Media track

We’re infiltrating main stream! Discussions about Big Bang Theory, Community and all the rest of the places we’re popping up..


Spoiler Alert!

Saturday 9/1 4:00pm Whedon Universe track
A tempered discussion regarding spoiler etiquette in the Whedon Universe.


Syfy Saturday Night Drive In – Mega Python vs Gatoroid

Saturday 9/1 8:30pm American Scifi And Fantasy Media track

Come watch a fun B movie with a few hundred of your closest friends as Joe Crowe and I do some MST3K inspired riffing. We’ll have giveaways and popcorn to recreate the classic drive-in atmosphere. More details about this event can be found here.

Seeker – The Legend Continues to Grow

Sunday 9/2 10:00am American Scifi And Fantasy Media track

This show continues to grow in popularity, so whether you’re a long time fan or new to the show come hear us explore what makes this show special

Syfy Movies: The Good, The Bad & 5 Things You Never Knew

Sunday 9/2 11:30am American Scifi And Fantasy Media track

Learn about the imfamous Syfy Movies. Some folks love these cheesy movies and some…not. Some of them are actually worth watching, believe or not!

Lost Girl – Welcome to the Dal Riata

Sunday 9/2 5:30pm American Scifi And Fantasy Media track

This new Syfy show is about the fae, well everything is fae in this world. Shades of sex, magic, blood and mayhem, come hear why its worth watching!



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