Time to check in with Kevin to see what Syfy Original Movies are coming in April along with some B movie related news.

Original Movies Airing On Syfy This Month

4/06 Battledogs
4/27 Stonados

The official Syfy press release for these can be found here.

Some Upcoming Syfy Original Movie Reairings

4/10 Supergator
4/20 Lake Placid 2
4/20 Lake Placid 3
4/27 Earth’s Final Hours

The complete Syfy Original Movie reairings schedule can be found here.

News And Links

Syfy Moving Their Original Movies To Thursday Nights
Suggestions Needed For The Saturday Night Sci-Fi Drive-In Theatre At Dragon*Con 2013
Syfy Mega 6 Pack Of Movies On DVD
Many Syfy Original Movies Are Available On DVD Under The ‘Maneater’ Series From Sonar (aka RHI) Entertainment
Fred Olen Ray’s Photos From The Sets Of Several Of His Movies
Age Of Dinosaurs trailer
The Vortex trailer and details
Jim Wynorski Interview On The After Movie Diner Podcast
AE: Apocalypse Earth trailer
The Lost Girls trailer
Orc Wars, The Crown And The Dragon as well as The Shadow Cabal coming from Arrowstorm Entertainment

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