Saturday B Movie Reel #125 – Mega Scorpions

Dec 18, 2013 2 Comments by

On today’s podcast Kevin covers Mega Scorpions (aka Deadly Stingers) (2013) which is available via

Here’s the description…

In a small U.S. town toxic waste has been illegally dumped for years causing the local scorpion population to grow into six-foot-long killers as a result. As local residents are killed by the scorpions, a group of teenage parolees becomes trapped in a halfway house as they try to fight the killer Mega Scorpions off.


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2 Responses to “Saturday B Movie Reel #125 – Mega Scorpions”

  1. Philip Symons says:

    Speaking of Full Moon Streaming…

    Does anyone know its limitations in the UK?

  2. Kevin Bachelder says:

    I asked them that question a while back and they said their service is available worldwide!

    To be sure I’d recommend contacting them via their website contact form ( or their Facebook page –

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