Tuning in to SciFi TV #286 – Last Call

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You can listen to the episode now by using the play button below or click the link to read more detailed show notes.

Today, we talk about:

00:33 Warehouse 13 5.02 Secret Services
06:18 SBMR Review of The Machine
08:31 SBMR Introductions – Night of the Comet
10:55 The Real History of Science Fiction on BBCA (Robots and next Space)
12:37 Thanks to Micah for recommending we check out Rick and Morty, Dan Harmon’s animated show
13:47 Laurie Holden and Karen Gillan Enjoy an Easter Performance
14:56 Supernatural 9.19 Alex Annie Alexis Ann
21:48 The Tomorrow People 1.20 A Sort of Homecoming
26:28 Salem 1.01 The Vow

Last Call

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