Hall of Fame 2016

Bruce Campbell


Started as a mail order DVD rental service and in 2007 introduced streaming media and video on demand.  The first Netflix Original was Lilyhammer staring Steven Van Zandt. Over the years this service has given viewers some of the best genre series available including  Stranger Things, Black Mirror, Arcane, Lost in Space, Travelers and Sense 8

The Stargate

The Star Trek Universe

The Star Trek universe started with the premiere of Star Trek: The Original Series on September 1966.  Created by Gene Roddenberry (with a significant help from other creative people behind the scenes) The original series lasted three season on NBC but that was only the start of this universe.  In the 50 plus years since that first series the universe has expanded to novels, nonfiction technical manuals, critiques, histories, movies, video games, animated series, syndicated TV shows, network shows and currently multiple series streaming on Paramount+.   The tech used in the series has helped inspire many modern technology including cell phones, bluetooth headsets, and tablets.   Phrase’s inspired by the series including “beam me up Scotty” and “He’s Dead Jim” among others have become commonplace in mainstream culture.   There is no doubt that this universe will continue to “Live Long and Prosper.”