For those outside the UK, Being Human returns for Season 2 on Saturday at 10pm on BBCAmerica.

Being Human is a show about a vampire (Mitchell), a ghost (Annie) and a werewolf (George). These roomies do not fight over who hogged the hot water, or ate all the fridge leftovers. They are more likely to destroy rooms of furniture or eat your date. In season 1 they dealt with other personal problems and supernatural threats. Take a taste of Being Human… an extended trailer for season 2 is below. Folks in the US can win a copy of Being Human Season 1 here.

One thought on “Being Human Season 2 Returns”
  1. Thanks for the reminder. I recorded the mini marathon last week so I have the 1st season on the DVR. I’ won’t get to them till next weekend but once I do I’ll pass along my thoughts. Looking forward to catching up and then enjoying series two along with Wendy.

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