• Tuning in to SciFi TV
  • June 23, 2021

Genre ChallengeKevin from Tuning in to SciFi TV and Scott from the SciFi Diner Podcast got together to challenge each other to watch a show they had never seen before.  Miles McLoughlin joined them this time.  Listen to hear them discuss:

Dark Angel through season 1, episode 6
Charlie Jade through episode 2

You can find our forum discussion thread about the shows here.



2 thoughts on “Genre Challenge #2

  1. Great show guys. I was a huge fan of Dark Angel’s 1st
    season, and rewatched it myself around a year ago. I didn’t like
    the direction they went in season 2 however, and don’t think I even
    finished it now I come to think of it. I’ve just got hold of
    Charlie Jade recently and it’s next on my list. I’ve just finished
    Farscape and am looking for another show to fill the gap and a
    friend recommended it.

  2. Hey guys, love the show. I just purchased Charlie Jade on
    eBay for $13 (including postage!), looking forward to watching it
    asap. Seems like something I would like.

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