• Tuning in to SciFi TV
  • June 24, 2021

Genre ChallengeKevin from Tuning in to SciFi TV and Scott & Miles from the SciFi Diner Podcast got together to challenge each other to watch a show they had never seen before.  Listen to hear them discuss Charlie Jade and Dark Angel.  Beware that there may be spoilers for any portion of these shows.

You can find our forum discussion thread about the shows here.



3 thoughts on “SciFi Rewind #3

  1. I happened upon a “Charlie Jade” marathon one day on SyFy and it is NOT the kind of show that you can just jump in some where in the middle of the story. I was lost from the moment I turned it on so, I ended up turning it off.

    Since ya’ll started SciFi Rewind, I’ve tried to find it so I can watch it from the beginning but so far, not much luck.

    Also, I wanted to ask Kevin if the really dark episode that he talked about at the end of season 1 of Dark Angel had something to do with Ben? I cannot remember the name of it but it really struck me and has stuck with me since the 1st time I saw it.

    Anyway, I’m enjoying re-visiting TV, it has been fun. Thanks,

  2. Thanks for your comment Libby.

    Yes, Charlie Jade is a show you have to watch beginning to end. It’s like a novel for television. You can’t start in the middle.

    As far as finding Charlie Jade the only place I know of is at Amazon.co.uk for the region 2 DVD.

    Yes, the season 1 Dark Angel episode I was talking about did involve the character Ben. It was called “Pollo Loco”. Outstanding episode. Maybe the best of the series.

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