• Tuning in to SciFi TV
  • June 21, 2021



One thought on “Top Genre Shows of All Time – Episode 11 (Wrap-up)

  1. I applaud your entire crew for the major undertaking in putting together all of your Top Genre Shows of All Time podcasts! You did an amazing job.

    Although it makes total sense to me, as to why FRiNGE isn’t rated higher (since it is still so new, and it’s impact is unknown), I am stunned to no-end that the Tuning In To SciFi TV listeners didn’t rank LOST in the top-5 all time. I still maintain that it’s the best show to ever air on television (even if it doesn’t yet have the legacy as the great original Star Trek). I am also quite satisfied with the ending of LOST. It amazed me how many people didn’t like the LOST finale because it didn’t answer the 100+ unanswered questions all neat and tidy in one last episode.

    I’m willing to make a friendly wager that LOST will actually rise in this all-time list, in the next five years. I can guarantee that the depressing Caprica will be long-forgotten by then.

    To anyone who hasn’t yet had the mind-bending pleasure of watching all of LOST, please do so, thank you.

    Thanks again for your awesome podcast!


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