• Tuning in to SciFi TV
  • June 15, 2021



One thought on “Tuner Minute 141 – Movin’ On Up

  1. Hey Brent,

    Not to one-up you, but a few years ago after having my second DVR go bad and losing everything, I built my own PVR using a package called Sage. Now, I can record up to 6 shows at the same time and I have 5 Terabytes of storage. Also, one unit streams to all of my televisions in the house. I can stop a show on one TV and resume it on another one (or my computer). Plus, if something goes wrong, I can work on it to get all of the previously recorded shows restored. Much better than only being able to record only 2 or 4 shows on a specific television.

    Love the show!

    Joe in Charlotte

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