Warehouse 13

Warehouse 13Surprises and disappointments abound… It’s the last call once again.

You can listen to the episode now by using the ‘Play’ button below or click the link to read more detailed show notes.

00:42 True Blood
10:33 Torchwood
16:47 Death Valley
17:39 Warehouse 13
22:40 The Guild
25:14 Babylon 5
32:30 The Parsec Awards
34:26 SBMDB
35:40 SBMR Couch Casts
36:54 Our Podcast Feeds

One thought on “Tuning in to SciFi TV #150 – Last Call”
  1. Unlike a lot of people who have tuned into the the latest Torchwood
    season, I was never a fan of the show. Being a big Doctor Who fan, I
    really _wanted_ to like it, and tried on several occasions to get into
    it, but I couldn’t get past the (for me) unlikable characters and
    ‘alien of the week’ format. It got to the point where there were
    several episodes in a row that devoted too much time to showing Gwen
    and Rhys screaming at each other. Incidentally, sullen characters and
    screaming matches were why I ultimately couldn’t bring myself to watch
    Being Human past the first season, either.

    Again, I always _wanted_ to like Torchwood so rather than fretting
    over whether this new season would retain the traditional Torchwood
    ‘essence’, I thought it might be something akin to a reboot, and a
    chance for me to, well, give the show another chance. Unfortunately,
    like you guys, I am extremely disappointed in the quality and pacing
    of the show so far. I’m free of any bias towards the way earlier
    seasons may have done things, and the show still comes up wanting in a
    multitude of areas. Were it not that I am desperate for genre shows
    right now, I probably would have ditched it after the first three

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