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  • June 15, 2021

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Back Porch:
47:45 – Falling Skies 1.08 What Hides Beneath
54:55 – Teen Wolf 1.10 Co-Captain
59:19 – Haven 2.04 Sparks And Recreation

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Show Notes and Links

Quick Reviews

– Babylon 5 3.19 Grey 17 Is Missing
– Babylon 5 3.20 And The Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place
– 7/30 Syfy Original Movie Age of the Dragons
– 7/31 True Blood 4.06 I Wish I Was The Moon
– 7/31 Falling Skies 1.08 What Hides Beneath
– 8/01 Mercury Men 1.06-1.10 The Men of Tomorrow/Enemies of Earth/The Gravity Engine/Magnetic Tower Assault/The First Word
– 8/01 Alphas 1.04 Rosetta
– 8/01 Eureka 4.14 Up In The Air
– 8/01 Warehouse 13 3.04 Queen For A Day
– 8/01 Teen Wolf 1.10 Co-Captain
– 8/02 The Guild 5.02 Crash Pad
– 8/04 Futurama 6.21 Mobius Dick
– 8/04 Ugly Americans 2.06 Attack Of Mark’s Clone
– 8/05 Haven 2.04 Sparks And Recreation
– 8/05 Iron Man 1.02 Going Nuclear
– 8/05 Torchwood 4.05 The Categories Of Life
– 8/05 Wolverine 1.02 Yukio

Eureka’s 6-episode 6th season may (or may not) be its last
Kate Mulgrew Joins Warehouse 13
‘Chuck’ Check-In: A Jeffster Jailbreak? A Casey Romance? An ‘Office’ Temp Job?
Felicia Day: Mogul In The Making
Ksenia Solo (aka Kenzi) of Lost Girl
Lost Girl Interviews
It’s a Smokin’ Hot Lost Girl Season 2 Photo Gallery!
Walking Dead Web Series Update
Sanctuary Goes Back to 13 Episodes
Schedule of Alphas Guest Stars
BBCA To Air Doctor Who Specials
Early look at American Horror Story pilot
Tim Minear joins American Horror Story
Grimm isn’t about fairy tales, except that it is
Fox will be happy if Fringe holds its ratings
Supernatural not intending to end with season 7
CW super sizes Supernatural
Interview with Moon Bloodgood

Episode #150 hosted by Brent Barrett, Wendy Hembrock and Kevin Bachelder. Recorded on 8/6/11. Edited by Brent Barrett.

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Theme song graciously provided by Beatnik Turtle.

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4 thoughts on “Tuning in to SciFi TV #150

  1. Thanks for another fantastic episode, and for putting me on to that interview with Ksenia Solo; it was great hearing her thoughts on Kenzi.

    Oh, and Summer was right about Falling Skies. That’s why I haven’t watched it past the first (excruciating, imo) episode :p

  2. I am listening to your podcast (150) and am truly amazed that you have just said that Macaulay Culkin starred in A.I. : Artificial Intelligence. That is so wrong. The star of A.I. isbetter actor Hailey Joel Osmendt, who is a much better actor than Macaulay Culkin.

  3. Katrina, thanks for that. I too knew it wasn’t Macaulay Culkin (I own the DVD!), but by the time I got around to speaking, I had forgotten to point that out. 🙂

  4. Love the show as always, just had a couple thoughts about Haven. I get the feeling that the whole tattoo thread is actually kinda important to the show. And while I agree that the whole Duke’s wife thing isn’t that interesting, I think giving him the tattoo thread was a good idea. It allows them to tell more of that story every week without having to involve Audrey & Nathan all the time. As to the importance of the whole tattoo thing, remember that the deceased M.E.’s daughter has one on her back shoulder that appears and disappears. And she showed Duke the cemetery where most of the headstones had the symbol from the tattoo on them. Also remember that Vince & Dave not only know about the tattoo but one of them actually has one, if I remember that episode from last season correctly. So with all the bread crumbs related to the tattoo symbol, it’s clear the show places a fair amount of importance on it, and has me very curious!

    Regarding the “do I have to?” tuner minute, I have those thoughts about Fringe. It’s a good show, I enjoy it, but I still have the last 3 or so episodes from last season on my dvr unwatched because I always seem to find something else to watch. Like all of Farscape & Burn Notice (so far). And whatever else might possibly be of interest because the “do I have to?” feeling is so pervasive.

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