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  • May 6, 2021

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Water Cooler

Create a TIST Show Introduction

Tuner Minute: Adapt

Back Porch

0:30:00 Voicemail from Scott on Cape Cod re: Add it Up Tuner minute (Legion, Westworld, The Expanse, 12 Monkeys)
0:37:24 12 Monkeys Monkeys 4.10 The Beginning Part 1 / 4.11 The Beginning Part 2 (series finale)
0:55:38 Humans 3.05 Episode #3.5
1:07:31 Luke Cage Season 2

Show Notes and Links

Quick Reviews

Sun 7/1
– Preacher 3.02 Sonsabitches
Tue 7/3
– Humans 3.05 Episode #3.5
Thu 7/5
– Cloak & Dagger 1.05 Funhouse Mirrors
Fri 7/6
– 12 Monkeys 4.10 The Beginning Part 1 / 4.11 The Beginning Part 2 (series finale)

Feedback, News and Links

Timeless Officially Dead
Interview with 12 Monkeys EP Terry Matalas About the Series Finale
More Information About Upcoming HALO Series
Wynonna Earp: A Cult Show’s Recipe for Success: Whiskey, Twitter and Complex Women
Killjoys 4.01 The Warrior Princess Bride (Spoiler Free Preview)

Episode #474 hosted by Kevin Bachelder, Wendy Hembrock and Brent Barrett. Recorded on 7/7/18. Edited by Brent Barrett.

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Theme song graciously provided by Beatnik Turtle.

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