Quick Review Ratings Explained

So you hear us give shows our quick review ratings and you wonder just what they mean?  Well, here you go:

Watch it Now

In general, this rating means watch the show within the next 24 hours if at all possible.  And if not possible, make it possible.  Typically this rating indicates that the reviewer believes there is significant and/or original content in this episode or program that will knock your socks off.

High Watch it Now” – Drop everything and watch this show immediately.  If you can watch it live as it is broadcast, do it.

Low Watch it Now” – So if you can’t watch it within the next 24 hours, at least watch it within the next 48 hours.

Watch it Soon

Try to watch this program sometime within the next week.  Usually, this rating means that the reviewer believes that what’s in this episode or program is good enough to warrant watching it before the next wave of shows add to your backlog.   This usually means that the show was very enjoyable, but not quite Earth shattering, such as with a Watch it Now rating.

High Watch it Soon” – The reviewer couldn’t quite bring the rating up to the level of “drop everything and watch this puppy today,” but it was exceptionally good.

Low Watch it Soon” – This episode or program was good, but if you can’t watch it this week it won’t be the end of the world.

Let it Sit on the DVR

Definitely watch this, but take your time.  In general, this rating does NOT mean that the episode or program was not good.  It just means that the reviewer feels that the content doesn’t warrant setting aside time to view at present.  Keep it around until you have the time to watch, but definitely watch it.

High Let it Sit” -Bunch this with any other shows sitting on your DVR, but watch this one first.

Low Let it Sit” – Let this one sit until you really have nothing else to watch.  But still worth checking out at some point.

You Can Skip It

Don’t even bother watching it.  The reviewer who gives this rating feels that the episode or program offers nothing to the viewer that’s worth the time to watch it.  In the case of a series, this may mean that nothing really happened to the characters or in the story that you can’t gather by just watching the next episode.

This rating has no High or Low value.

Numerical Ratings

If you prefer a numeric scoring system, well, our quick reviews fit right into one.  Here you go:

10: Watch it Now (high)
9: Watch it Now
8: Watch it Now (low)
7: Watch it Soon (high)
6: Watch it Soon
5: Watch it Soon (low)
4: Let it Sit (high)
3: Let it Sit
2: Let it Sit (low)
1: Skip It