Hall of Fame

TIST Hall of FameWelcome to the Tuning in to SciFi TV Genre Television Hall of Fame. In these virtual halls, you will find those television shows, mini-series, TV movies, people, technology, channels, companies, or other entities that we and our listeners feel are deserving of special recognition for excellence in genre television.

The entrance criteria is simple: The entity inducted must have been active in genre (science fiction, fantasy, horror, or the culture surrounding those genres) television prior to ten (10) years before the year of induction. Every year, the crew members of TIST will select one inductee each, and the listeners of TIST will be allowed to vote for their choice as well. The qualifying entity receiving the most votes in that poll will be inducted as the listener’s choice that year.

Listener voting will open on November 1st of every year. Listeners are encouraged to send in votes for up to five qualifying entities to our feedback e-mail address. You can also submit your nominations on our Discord.  Each listener nomination will receive one vote, so the order the the five potential nominees per listener is not important. Please do not nominate the same entity more than once (it won’t be counted).

This year, voting will cease on the first Thursday in January, at midnight (as the clock turns to Friday) Pacific Time. That gives us a couple of days to prepare the results for inclusion in the TIST episode we record the next weekend. (This cut-off date is subject to change, as our recording schedule is typically a little fluid around the end of the year. Changes will be posted on the front page.) In the first podcast recorded each year, we will announce the inductees. Following that podcast, they will appear in this hall of fame page on our web site.

Year of Induction Index

Alphabetical Inductee Index

Amanda Tapping (2018)
Arrow (2022)
Babylon 5 Universe (2013)
Batman (2014)
Battlestar Galactica (2012)
Bruce Campbell (2016)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (2013)
Claudia Black (2022)
Color Television (2018)
D.C. Fontana (2014)
Digital Video Recorder (DVR) (2014)
Doctor Who Universe (2011)
Eureka (2022)
Farscape (2015)
Firefly (2021)
Fringe (2021)
Gene Roddenberry (2011)
Genre TV Podcasts (2020)
Gerry Anderson (2011)
Glen A. Larson (2019)
Harve Bennett (2017)
Irwin Allen (2019)
Jerry Goldsmith (2020)
J.J. Abrams (2014)
J. Michael Straczynski (2021)
Joss Whedon (2011)
Leonard Nimoy (2012)
Lost (2018)
Lucy Lawless (2018)
Mark Sheppard (2022)
Netflix (2016)
Nichelle Nichols (2012)
Sir Patrick Stewart (2021)
Quantum Leap (2015)
Rockne S. O’Bannon (2011)
Rod Serling (2011)
Rossum’s Universal Robots (2019)
Star Trek (The Original Series) (2012)
Superman (2011)
Supernatural (2020)
Syfy / The SciFi Channel (2017)
The CW Network (2019)
The Marvel Television Universe (2017)
The Night Stalker Universe (2011)
The Outer Limits (2015)
The Stargate (2016)
The Stargate Universe (2017)
The Star Trek Universe (2016)
The X-Files (2011)
TV Remote Control (2020)
Twilight Zone (2013)
William Hanna and Joseph Barbera (2011)
William Shatner (2015)
Wonder Woman (2013)