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The television version of the DC Comics character Batman (alter-ego of Bruce Wayne) first appeared on the small screen in 1966, played by Adam West.  Batman has since gone on to appear in numerous live action and animated television programs, including the much loved Batman: The Animated Series (1992-1995).  As of the time of this writing, the character has not yet appeared in the live action Gotham series (although his alter-ego Bruce Wayne has appeared).

D.C. Fontana

Dorothy Catherine Fontana chose to go by her initials of “D.C.” when she began her television writing career as a way to eliminate any prejudgment of her work by the generally sexist entertainment industry of the time.  That motivation was not the case when she would sometimes use to pen name “Michael Richards.”  That name was reserved for scripts that she did not like after they had gone through the editing and re-writing process by others.  D.C. is best known for her work on the original Star Trek series, having penned some of its classic episodes.  In addition to Trek, she penned episodes of other classic genre shows such as The Six Million Dollar Man, Babylon 5 and Land of the Lost.

Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

The Digital Video Recorder, otherwise known as a DVR and sometimes known as a Personal Video Recorder (PVR), is a hardware device or software used to digitally record television broadcasts (as opposed to the analog recording techniques used by video tape).  The modern DVR is generally considered to have been created in 1999 with the announcement of the Tivo and ReplayTV devices.  The DVR in all of its forms has revolutionized genre television viewing, as many genre fans were early adopters and few genre viewers are without a DVR today.  The ability to shift viewing to when the viewer has the time to watch with full attention is definitely an innovation worthy of the hall of fame.

J.J. Abrams

Producer, director, writer, and composer J.J. Abrams has left a significant mark on the genre television world in just the last two decades.  And he appears to be on a course to contribute even more in the coming years.  With his work on Lost, Alias, Alcatraz, Revolution, Almost Human, Person of Interest, Believe, and of course Fringe, Abrams has already provided genre TV fans with years of quality entertainment, fascinating characters and compelling stories.  And with series such as Westworld and 11.22.63 in the works as of the time of this writing, he promises to deliver even more.

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