Top Genre Characters of All Time

Top All Time

Tired of all those “top” lists missing your favorite shows? Well, be a part of history and contribute to the ultimate ranking of the top Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror television characters of all time! Simply fill out this ballot and click the Submit button by midnight, November 30, 2011 to have your choices counted.

  • Qualifying shows are any television series, TV Movie, mini-series or web-based video production available at some point to the general public in any region.
  • Qualifying shows must be generally considered to contain significant content that would be considered science fiction, fantasy, geek culture, or horror. Comedy or reality relating to one of these genres may also be considered.
  • Qualifying characters may be regular, recurring, or even guest. They need not have ever been seen (characters that are just spoken about will qualify). The characters may not even be human or alive.
  • If you are having trouble remembering shows that qualify for this ballot, please visit one of these sites for a list:
    List of science fiction television programs
    List of fantasy television programs
  • If you provide us with more than 20, we will only consider your first 20 choices. Ties are allowed, but a two-way tie will count as two choices, a three-way tie will count as three choices, etc. Note that attempts to “stuff the ballot” by just picking one or two entries will not be considered equally with ballots containing more choices.

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