Top 100 Genre Shows of All Time

This countdown of the top 100 genre television programs of all time is a result of votes by fans, like you. This episode features number 70 to number 61 of the countdown. A new episode will be released every Friday until we reach number 1.

If you’d like to discuss the countdown with us and others, please visit our forum thread.

You can listen to the episode now by using the ‘Play’ button below.

2 thoughts on “Top Genre Shows of All Time – Episode 4 (70-61)”
  1. It’s Suzie from Hexed and I am so glad I tuned in! So many of my favourite shows were discussed here. I was a huge fan of the Bionic Woman and totally agree that the beginning of the Million Dollar Man was one of the best ever made. So much tension and using real NASA footage made it so real, as a kid I was always transfixed by it. Great production, totally loving this compilation and thanks again for using our promo too!

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