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Game of ThronesA Lannister may always pay his debts, but now it’s time to review their progress in season 1. Wendy continues the Game of Thrones bonus series with special guests spanning the map of the Seven Kingdoms and all events in season 1. Read on for the details.

In show #4, Kimberly Thompson from the ScapeCast and Shannon Clarke join Wendy to discuss the power hungry family known as the Lannisters.  With brother and sister lovers Jaime and Cersei, their son and new king, Joffrey, their father, and perhaps the smartest of all characters in the story, their dwarf brother Tyrion, the Lannisters are certainly colorful.

Special notes for spoiler-phobes:
– the first few minutes discuss GoT in general but we warn you before we dive into the details of all of season 1.
– If you haven’t read A Song of Fire and Ice book series by George R.R, Martin, you’re safe here from book spoilers. We are only discussing the story as presented in the TV series. We will not be discussing the books.
We discuss all the events in season 1, so if you have not seen episodes 1 through 10, you will get spoiled by our discussion here.

2 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Special #4”
  1. Another fantastic episode. I enjoyed the insights you all had to share about the Lannisters a great deal; you have definitely made me more curious about these characters, and how they got to be the way they are.

    I also appreciated your responses to my comment on the previous episode, and you made some great points. I have raised similar misgivings about Dany & Drogo with other GoT fans in the past, and most of the responses from people who disagree with me have tended to be angry and dismissive, rather than in any way enlightening. Your responses, on the other hand, helped me to understand why at least some fans like Dany as a character.

    As you pointed out, Dany’s growth as a character is, from a certain point of view, inspiring; but I guess I’m too much of an idealist to really get behind her. The stubborn, implacable, defiance of an Arya or a Ned, even when it verges on the sucidal, is something that I find much more admirable than the way that Dany merely makes the best of a bad situation. Of course, she’s just getting started though, so I’m open to seeing just how much she evolves over the next season as well.

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