Saturday B Movie Reel #45 – Interview with Director Toshko Chapkanov

Jan 19, 2012 3 Comments by

Kevin recently had the opportunity to speak with director Toshko Chapkanov.  His Syfy original movie credits include the upcoming (Jan 28th) Swamp Volcano (aka Miami Magma) as well as Storm War (aka Weather Wars), Monsterwolf (reairing Feb 25th) and Copperhead (reairing Feb 7th) to name just a few.

You can find Toshko on Facebook here.

As you’ll hear in the interview he’s generously offered to answer any questions that fans may have about any of his movies. Feel free to post them here on this blog post or in our Fans Of Syfy Original Movies Facebook group where Toshko is a member. We’ll plan to have him back on the podcast to discuss these questions.

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3 Responses to “Saturday B Movie Reel #45 – Interview with Director Toshko Chapkanov”

  1. Mike Dempsey says:

    I just saw MonsterWolf and loved it. I am a fan of old school monster flicks and this was one of the best made I have ever seen. Is there any way to contact Mr. Chapkanov? Mike D

  2. Kevin says:

    Thanks for the comment Mike.

    You can find Toshko on Facebook here –

    He is also an active member of our ‘Fans of Syfy Original Movies’ Facebook group which you can find here –

  3. Faviel Ferrada says:

    Great interviews with Chapkanov, I’ve been searching his movies and they’re really good. It sounds as a passionate director and this video comfirms it.. 🙂

    Thanks Kevin for this inspiring interview …as an aspiring filmmaker I apreciate it a lot
    Regards from Chile!

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