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Today, we talk about:

00:00:51 Dan Harmon Talks Community Movie
00:01:35 Trailer for The Man in the High Castle
00:02:46 Humans 1.02 Episode #1.2
00:11:29 Voicemail from Matt about The Last Ship / The Last Ship 2.04 Solace
00:24:08 Dark Matter 1.05 Episode #1.5
00:31:36 International Series to Binge Watch Over the Summer
00:32:16 Inside Look at Game of Thrones Hardhome Special Effects
00:33:11 Happytime Puppet Noir from The Jim Henson Company
00:34:05 Showtime Streaming Expands to More Platforms
00:36:00 SDCC Star Wars Reel
00:38:18 Orphan Black Season 3 Bloopers
00:39:23 Top 5 Doctor Who SDCC Panel Moments / Doctor Who After Panel Interview
00:41:04 Lucifer Panel Highlights
00:42:18 Continuum 3.11 3 Minutes to Midnight
00:51:05 Daredevil 1.13 Daredevil (Season Finale)
00:55:54 Teen Wolf 5.03 Dreamcatchers
01:02:00 Heroes Reborn App
01:03:19 Minority Report Panel Highlights
01:05:05 New Con Man Trailer
01:07:00 Kevin Discussed Terminator Genisys on the Hollywood Outsider Podcast

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