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One thought on “Tuner Minute 363 – Worlds Collide”
  1. So I have a theme.

    I would love to see The first Doctor, Stephen and Dodo would end up in Deadwood. I think it would be nice to see a real western, as they fought the Celestial Toymaker again.

    The Dominators would end up on Moonbase Alpha, as Jamie, Zoe and the Doctor try to put the moon back as the are attacked.

    Sarah Jane would be doing a expose on Leverage, stealing back something from the Master.

    Romana I, Doctor IV; Show up on the X-Files to defeat the Ice Warriors in Alaska.

    Nyssa and The Doctor show up in Firely battling the Great Intelligence the real control of Blue Sun

    Peri bickers with the Doctor as they meet the Rani as she meddles with the Korean War at the 4077.

    Ace discovers the Librians, as they tract down a clue about Merlin. Is the library a TARDIS choosing humans until Romana returns from the lake?

    Charley and the 8th Doctor find daleks in Vancouver trying to control the primevil rifts.

    The War Doctor stands with Atlantis as they stop a Cyberman Replicant alliance.

    The 9th and Rose battle Autons with The Unit.

    10th and Donna find they are wanted by Killjoys being framed by the Judoon.

    11th and the Ponds find the rutons are trying to invade the Expanse

    12 and Clara are lured in by the Black Guardian to stop a war with the Farscape crew.

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