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Tuner Minute 14 – Less is More
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Back Porch:
12:41 – Listener Voicemail on Battlestar Galactica 1/16 (episode 4.11 “Sometimes a Great Notion”) and Supernatural 1/15 (episode 4.11 “Family Remains”)
14:54 – Battlestar Galactica 1/23 (episode 4.12 “a Disquiet Follows My Soul”)
28:06 – Fringe 1/20 (episode 1.11 “Bound”)
34:27 – Lost 1/21 (episode 5.1 “Because You Left” and episode 5.2 “The Lie”)
41:10 – Ghost Whisperer 1/23 (episode 4.13 “Body of Water”)
46:58 – Supernatural 1/22 (episode 4.12 “Criss Angel is a Douche Bag”)
51:10 – Demons 1/10, 1/17 (episode 1.02 “The Whole Enchilada” and episode 1.03 “Saving Grace”)
54:40 – Legend of the Seeker 1/17 (episode 1.08 “Puppeteer”)

Hosted by Wendy Hembrock, Brent Barrett and Kevin Bachelder. Recorded on 1/24/09.

Edited by Brent Barrett.

Theme song graciously provided by Beatnik Turtle.

Promo for Wayne’s Take on Fringe/Lost and Media Voiceovers.

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One thought on “Tuning in to SciFi TV #14”
  1. I can’t remember if it was this episode or not – but it was around this episode (I have been listening to them back to back to catch up). Anyway, in one of these episodes you mentioned the Guild – so I followed it up and just watched the first season. Really liked it. Now I have to track down season two. Thank you.

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