Listener voicemail: Friday the 13th The Series,
Quick Reviews: Being Human (3/1), Chuck (3/2), Heroes (3/2), Medium (3/2), Saving Grace (3/2), Reaper (3/3), LOST (3/4), Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles (3/6), Dollhouse (3/6), Battlestar Galactica (3/6), Legend of the Seeker (3/7), Ghost Whisperer (3/6).

Pushing Daisies DVD, Sci Fi miniseries Knights of Bloodsteel in April, ABC cancels Life on Mars, Heroes likely renewal, Morena Baccarin cast in ‘V’, CSI and Battlestar Galactica cross-over with Kate Vernon and Ron Moore.

Tuner Minute – Buy or Bye?
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Back Porch:
22:36 – Legend of the Seeker 3/7 (episode 1.13 “Hartland”)
25:17 – Being Human 3/1 (episode 6 – season finale)
29:06 – Chuck 3/2 (episode 2.15 “Chuck versus the Beefcake”)
33:16 – Heroes 3/2 (episode 3.18 “Fugitives Ch. 5 – Exposed”)
37:57 – Lost 3/4 (episode 5.08 “LaFleur”)
43:26 – Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles 3/7 (episode 2.17 “Ourselves Alone”)
48:16 – Ghost Whisperer 3/7 (episode 4.17 “Delusion of Granville”)
51:57 – Dollhouse 3/7 (episode 1.04 “Gray Hour”)
58:14 – Battlestar Galactica 3/7 (episode 4.19 “Islanded in a Stream of Stars”)

Hosted by Wendy Hembrock, Brent Barrett and Kevin Bachelder. Recorded on 3/9/09.

Edited by Brent Barrett.

Theme song graciously provided by Beatnik Turtle.

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