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Have you been missing the Old Man, the Galactica, and the rest of the crew on that fracking bucket of bolts? They are returning when Battlestar Galactica:The Plan comes out on DVD on October 27 in the US and Canada. This film is directed by Edward James Olmos, who said the story will make us rethink Ron Moore’s series (and likely lead to much rewatching).

Tell us who is your favorite Cylon and why to qualify for a random drawing to win your own copy of Battlestar Galactica:The Plan on DVD. We have two Region 1 DVDs to give away to two different people. Submit an email, voicemail or Skype message naming your favorite Cylon. Include your name, email address and home location.

The contest begins today. Submissions must be received by November 1, 2009 at 11:59 PST. One entry per person.

Read on for the fine print and contest details…

Contest Rules
Submitting your email or voicemail permits your name to be entered in a random drawing for a Region 1 Battlestar Galactica:The Plan on DVD.

Eligible Entry:
Provide the name of your favorite Cylon and why it’s your favorite.
Include your First and Last Name, Your Location and your Email Address to contact you if you win. Please note that we will not use or share your e-mail address with anyone for any reason. Any entry not containing these three bits of information will not be considered in the drawing.

Submit your entry:
You can submit our answer in any one of these ways:
– Email your entry to with the Subject of BSG DVD Contest.
– Leave a message with your entry on our Voicemail at 206-202-4182.
– Use Skype to call tuningintoscifitv and leave a message with your entry.

The two winning entries will be drawn at random from all valid submissions. One entry per person. Listeners anywhere can enter.

The winners will be announced on Tuning in to SciFi TV Episode #55 and notified by email.

More Fine Print: The selection is based on a random drawing from all valid entries. The actual answers provided are not considered when drawing the winner.

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  1. And that’s the issue, I wonder if it’ll be considered valid but it dosen’t really matter it’s still the truth.

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