Happy Birthday to Us!

October 30, 2009

TIST 1 Year PartyToday is the anniversary of Tuning in to SciFi TV’s first podcast! Brent, Kevin and Wendy started the podcast to have an opportunity for a little more conversation about our favorite TV shows, and many of them are now your favorite shows too!

A Quick Review of Year One:
– We talked a lot! We recorded over 54 hours discussing our favorite TV shows
You talked a lot too! Between the voicemails, emails and forum threads the conversation just keeps going.
– We discovered some great new TV shows like Fringe, True Blood, Warehouse 13, and FlashForward altogether.
– We got people to check out other great TV shows like Supernatural, Medium, Being Human, The Middleman, and The Guild.
– We ran some cool contests and polls.

We don’t always agree. Part of the fun is the variety of perspectives. Thanks to all of you for listening and sharing with us. There’s plenty more entertaining conversation to come!

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Us!”
  1. Happy Birthday Tuners! It has been a most excellent year! Let’s have many more years of discussions and fun!

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