As usual, we had a few more things to talk about…

00:40 – Survivors
04:25 – Smallville (not Supernatural)
07:12 – Vampire Diaries
07:55 – Caprica
08:45 – Chuck
13:53 – Stargate: Universe
17:25 – V
20:20 – Kevin talks about watching shows on-line
22:31 – Wendy talks about watching Doctor Who on the silver screen
2 thoughts on “Tuning in to SciFi TV #76 – Last Call”
  1. I LOVE Caprica! Yes, the wife bugged me, I’m glad she’s gone. But, overall I’m enjoying it and want to see where they take the different threads of the story. So far, my favorite is the New Cap City stuff. Now that Tamara is on her own, I really want to see what’s she’s going to do. I don’t care so much about Greystone. It’s true they haven’t made him a very sympathetic character, but I think that’s intentional because we are supposed to support the Zoe-bot.

    Regarding comments that it’s not really genre, I couldn’t disagree more. This is classic scifi.

  2. Robin, thanks for the comment! I think you agree with us more than you think. We’ve never said Caprica, as a series, is not genre. We’ve been talking about plotlines and storylines that aren’t really genre. The Greystone storyline, which you yourself noted was not a favorite, as well as the Adama crime family storyline… these are not really genre storylines to us.

    The VR worlds, the nature of the multiple colonies, the cylons, the AI avatars, et al., are all classic Science Fiction. We applaud and encourage more of those storylines. 🙂

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