Top 100 All Time

You’ve seen Top Shows lists before, but have you ever asked yourself, “Who makes these lists?”  Have you ever felt the need to comment on or even yell at such lists because of a glaring oversight or misplacement of your favorite shows?  Well now is your chance to participate in a unique presentation of the best genre shows of all time.  Your voice will be heard, both figuratively and literally.

Tuning in to SciFi TV is producing a unique special podcast series detailing the top genre shows of all time.  Our listeners, members of the media, and folks in the entertainment industry will participate by offering their choices for best shows and, in some cases, providing their voices to this audio presentation.

From now until December 10, 2010, simply follow this link to offer your input to the ultimate list of top genre shows.  Look for the list to appear on this site/feed in early 2011.