Kevin Bachelder is riding solo for our coverage of the Syfy original movie Battle of Los Angeles.

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Battle of Los Angeles is now available on DVD

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Overall Rating:
Kevin – Lower end of ‘Watch it Soon’ if, and this is a big if, you enjoy B movies that don’t make a lot of sense



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3 thoughts on “Saturday B Movie Reel #5 – Battle of Los Angeles”
  1. This was a bad movie… in many areas. I actually fast-forwarded through most of it.

    I’m a fan of Nia Peeples, but was disappointed. I may give one more shot, since its on Netflix Instant.

    Asylum always has a knockoff ready to go in time for the hollywood release, ie: Almighty Thor, Transmorphers/FoM, The Terminators. They’ve rarely had a really good release.

    Title: 2, Plot: 3, Acting: 2, F/X: 3, Cheese: 3, Eye candy: 3, Rewatch: 0, Death Scenes: 2.

    My main issue with The Asylum is I wish they spent more on writing rather than F/X. I watched Star Trek TOS and loved it despite the bad F/X. These would be better if the stars (which are not that bad) are given better scripts.

  2. This was an interesting insight into Asylum’s movies. I did not know that they’ve been able to turn a profit on each film. I guess I have to give them credit there that they know how to run a business.

    I like B Movies, but there needs to be something to interest me. In this one, it should’ve been Nia Peeples looking hot, like she did in Half Past Dead (Seagal Film). That scene with her roping into the prison was memorable.

    I still wish Asylum would spend more on script over F/X. Some of the dialog in their films are terrible where is should be more tongue-in-cheek or laugh lines.

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