We’re on a roll with guest hosts and joining Kevin for this episode about Ferocious Planet is Jessa Phillips who’s the Editor-in-Chief of

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One thought on “Saturday B Movie Reel #9 – Ferocious Planet”
  1. I wanted to see this because of Joe Flanagan and John Rhys-Davies. I was shocked that Rhys-Davies died so quickly, similar to the fate of Samuel L. Jackson in Deep Blue Sea.

    This movie reminded me of Savage Planet with Sean Patrick Flanery which had a similar plot, but not as well acted. The acting in this was much better than most SyFy fare. I enjoyed the jokes and Joe Flanagan’s acting, reminiscent of SGA.

    Title: 5, Plot: 5, Acting: 7, F/X: 6, Cheese: 7, Eye-Candy: 4, ReWatch: 5, Death-Scenes: 7

    This movie had interesting enough acting, plot, eye-candy and was very entertaining for an hour and a half. A great twist ending also, which is unusual for these movies.

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