Doomsday ProphecyIt’s time to avert the end of the world so please join Kevin and John Pavlich from the Sofa Dogs podcast, CastleCast and Movie Night as they discuss ‘Doomsday Prophecy’

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5 thoughts on “Saturday B Movie Reel #25 – Doomsday Prophecy”
  1. Hi Kevin, I wrote and directed “Doomsday Prophecy” – really enjoyed your podcast! I had a lot of chuckles listening to it. These movies can be so challenging – 14 day shoot, ultra low budget, but boy do we try hard to deliver. I’ve done a few of these; admittedly a disappointed viewer always compares them to a Roland Emmerich epic. Great you guys were able to put it in context and enjoy it for what it is. We certainly had a lot of fun making it!


    Jason Bourque

  2. Hey Jason,

    14 days?! WOW! I wish I’d known that beforehand. I’m impressed! I can’t speak for anyone else, but the movie was not a disappointment for me. Though it may remind me of an Emmerich picture here and there, it’s only on the surface. Your film has a sincerity to it that those films lack, I think. It knows exactly what it is and stays genuine. Also, Doomsday Prophecy looks like the work and money that went into it is all on the screen, whereas a lot of these bigger films are so gluttonous and so wasteful to me, but that’s just my humble opinion, for what it’s worth.

    Take care and thanks for listening to the show!

  3. I enjoyed Doomsday Prophecy for what it was. I enjoyed the casting which was great for the primary roles. I love Jewel Staite and AJ Buckley was great in this.

    The Grand-father is a recognizable character actor I’ve seen in a lot of tv and movies. Sad to see from IMDB that the actor, Gordon Tootoosis, has passed away and this was one of his last films. RIP.

    This wasn’t the most “fun” movie as it was more serious. It was an entertaining and enjoyable SyFy Movie though, better than most.

    I love the fact that the director listened to the podcast and commented here, makes me want to see more from Jason. I would really enjoy Cast and Crew commentaries for some of these movies particularly when they include cast from SyFy Channel shows (Past and present).

    My ratings:
    Title: 6, Plot: 5, Acting: 8, F/X: 7, Cheese: 4, Eye-Candy: 5 (Bonus pts for Jewel), Rewatch: 4, Death-Scenes: 5

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