Today’s movie ‘Morlocks’ has a couple of actors that genre fans will recognize plus we also get some story elements that will look very familiar as well. Listen in as Kevin, Christopher from and Jon from Boise share their opinions.

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One thought on “Saturday B Movie Reel #31 – Morlocks”
  1. This movie was disappointing…

    I expected more when I saw David Hewlett and Robert Picardo in it.

    The best scenes were in the beginning of the film when Hewlett is brought back and his interactions with Picardo. That was also such a Mckay move, when he changes his mind and decides to go on the dangerous mission lest a “lesser scientist” solve the problem and get the credit.

    My ratings:
    Title – 5. The title didn’t give me much to go one, but got me to watch.

    Plot – 4. Very basic plot that was very predictable

    Acting – 7. High points were the top casting. The secondary were pretty bad.

    Special Effects – 5. Not too bad where they were in practical sets. Praque must be a depressing place with all those abandoned buildings just sitting around everywhere. Every B-Movie I see seems to use the same depressing buildings. Looks like they haven’t rebuilt since WWII.

    Cheese Level – 4. With Hewlett and Picardo, I expected more call backs and humor in the script. These guys could pull it off.

    Eye Candy – 3. Christina Cole was hot and a good actress.

    Rewatchability – 2. I may rewatch this if nothing else was on just because of Hewlett and Picardo.

    Death Scenes – 7. Many death scenes. Predictable, but at least they went against the mold and had 4 survivors instead of the usual 2.

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