Poll Time!

Poll Time!Well, you get to decide.  We are running a head-to-head elimination poll that will include all of the genre shows that we cover here on Tuning in to SciFi TV.  Check back each day starting Wednesday, November 30, 2001, to cast your vote for one of two shows.  Every day the poll will change.  The winners of the first round will go up against each other in the second round.  We will continue until there are only two shows left and then you can vote for the best genre show on television today.

So check back every day and make sure your voice is heard!

8 thoughts on “What is the best genre show on TV today?”
  1. Interesting matchup today. Existing semi hit with a definite hit but not so established. Seems like the first real race so far. Hoping to see Once Upon A Time move forward.

  2. checked the discussion and saw you are going with themes so Eureka vs Fringe makes since but you are eliminating a good show in the first round either way. Know it is for fun but still.

    1. Most all of the shows that have been eliminated in the first round are pretty good! That’s just the nature of this particular game and how folks voted on 1 day. On some other day, or perhaps the Other Side universe, Eureka beat Fringe.

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