This is the first in our new monthly podcast series where we  let you know what’s coming up on Saturday B Movie Reel for the month of December.

Original Movies Airing On Syfy This Month

12/10 Snowmageddon – preview blog post here.

Syfy DVD Titles We Plan To Cover This Month

Storm War, Mansquito, Snowmageddon

Vintage Title We Plan To Cover This Month

Piranha (1978)

Some Upcoming Syfy Original Movie Reairings

Syfy Original Movie reairings schedule
12/10 9am Mammoth
12/17 5pm Storm War
12/18 3:30am Mansquito (repeats 12/22 8am)
12/20 11pm Alien Apocalypse

News And Links

Upcoming mystery interview
Mega Shark 3 is a REAL POSSIBILITY!!!
Sand Sharks Trailer is Here to Bring Joy to the World
Chum the DVD Waters for Super Shark in February
Trailer for Corman’s World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel


We’re always looking for guest co-hosts so just let us know if you’re interested.
Facebook group – Fans of Syfy Original Movies
Google group – SBMR Hosts

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