Saturday B Movie Reel #47 – Interview with Director W.D. Hogan

Feb 02, 2012 2 Comments by

Kevin recently had the chance to speak with director W.D. Hogan. Mr. Hogan’s Syfy original movie credits include Behemoth and the recently aired Earth’s Final Hours.

You can find Mr. Hogan’s website here and he’s on Facebook here.

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2 Responses to “Saturday B Movie Reel #47 – Interview with Director W.D. Hogan”

  1. Bulent says:

    Great interview! always great to hear from David! He perfectly nails what its like to work on these shows and really does describe the marathon run these productions are!

  2. Faviel Ferrada says:

    This interview is great!…I’m an aspiring filmmaker and I make storyboards an concept art. Good to know that this work gives me the chance to make movies someday….I feel very motivated by Hogan’s experience….Thnx Kevin for this!..i’m waiting for more SyFy creators interviews….Greetings from Chie 🙂

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