Today we’ve got Shannon the Movie Moxie, Jon from Boise and Kevin talking about Alien Tornado.

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2 thoughts on “Saturday B Movie Reel #59 – Alien Tornado”
  1. Everyone has there own taste in movies but I rather enjoyed it.I can’t waite until it comes on dvd so I can buy the movie.We see so many destruction movies with terrible weather of different varieties with a probability of it happening, why not with aliens behind it?I love alien movies the more the better but good ones,not ones that are just about gore and sex in it.Sure,maybe it could of been done better,but being for tv I thought it was worth the time.Hope they make more with aliens and weather destruction in them,

  2. This movie was OK, not as good as some of the others.

    The stand-out here was Kari Wuhrer, of whom I am a big fan of.
    Title: 6, Plot: 5, Acting: 5, Special Effects: 6, Cheese: 7, Eye-Candy: 5, Rewatchability: 4, Death Scenes: 3

    The Title was generic, but let us know what to expect.
    The plot was fine, some good twists in it.
    The acting was decent for SyFy B-Movie, Armstrong was a little over the top, but helped in the Cheese.
    Effects were good,
    Eye-Candy points were awarded for Kari and some for Stacey who had was introduced in a nice Jean Skirt!
    This had rewatchability, I may stop and watch if found on the dial.
    Death-Scenes were good, but could have been better.

    I had no real problems with this movie, I would have liked to see some aliens. I guess we are to assume that the aliens were all killed by the pulse and they won’t return again for a second round.

    I was surprised that one of the MIB’s actually survived, that was new. I love how Mackey was having trouble crossing the roof but Armstrong just strolled across like there was no wind…

    All-in-all another decent entry for SyFy.

    I mostly watch these because of casting of current and past sci-fi actors. You had Pugh (Mackey) from Robocop2, Kiser who was Bernie, everyone’s favorite corpse, and Fahey and Kari Wuhrer who are very well known.

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