Hey, folks, there will be no 200th episode of Tuning in to SciFi TV this week.  Due to the amount of specialness we want to put into this one (and the middle of the week US holiday), we’re going to wait a week to deliver the goods on this anniversary podcast.  We’ll still be releasing the Saturday B Movie Reel, a special Supernatural podcast, and possibly even a Study Group this week, however.

And as an added benefit, if you haven’t sent in any 200th episode comments yet and you would like to, well, you have more time now.  So get crackin’!

And you B5 fans who are keeping track… go ahead and take a week off, because we will be too.  This week’s episodes (4.07 Epiphanies and 4.08 The Illusion of Truth) will be the episodes we talk about next week.

One thought on “Our 200th TIST Episode”
  1. My comment: Not only is TIST my favorite genre podcast, it is probably my favorite podcast, period. I love tuning in every week to Brent, Wendy, and Kevin to find out what they think of the current goings-on in the tv/genre world. The hosts are personable, witty, and frequently insightful; so that, even when I disagree with a particular opinion expressed on the show, I’m always entertained, and frequently challenged to revise or reconsider my own stance on something. For all these reasons and more, I’m very grateful for all the work the team put into the show each week, and I only hope that they release another 200 episodes. Without this show, my engagement with genre would be totally different — and not for the better!

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