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Today, we talk about:

00:35 Continuum
07:17 Warehouse 13
08:34 The Star Wolf
10:12 Destination Truth At Dragon*Con
11:30 Millennium
12:47 Aperture R&D
14:31 Lost Girl S1 Blu-ray
15:44 Supernatural
26:04 Doctor Who
32:14 Community

One thought on “Tuning in to SciFi TV #239 – Last Call”
  1. I wanted to clarify something said during this podcast regarding episode 8.21 of Supernatural, The Great Escapist. Wendy mentioned the Angel Tablet breaking and Cas keeping part of it and digging it out of his kidney. The tablet did not break. What Cas dug out of himself was the “Angel Blade” bullet that Crowley shot him with. Which Cas then shoved into Ion’s eye to escape.

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