Game of Thrones Season 3 – Bonus Show #6 (Part 1)

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“The house that puts family first will always defeat the house that puts the whims and wishes of his sons and daughters first.”
– Tywin Lannister

Wendy discusses season 3 overall with returning guests Jesse Jackson and Shannon Clarke. We cover the family feuds, class warfare, real warfare, and other standout moments including:
Season MVP; Best actor and actress; Best Episode, Favorite Overall Storyline/Character Arc; Best use of magic /visual effects; Character we want to die soon.

Beware of spoilers! All the events through season 3 are discussed.

Read on for links and other details.

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Recorded on 6/16/2013. Edited by Brent Barrett.
Theme song graciously provided by Break of Reality.

Small Council Matters


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