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Today, we talk about:

00:33 Yoda Chronicles in Legos
02:24 Doctor Who
14:58 Defiance
21:38 Revolution
27:26 Legend Of The Seeker Campaign
31:31 Fall 2013 Primetime TV Schedule

One thought on “Tuning in to SciFi TV #242 – Last Call”
  1. I agree with Wendy and Kevin regarding Defiance. It’s a mediocre show at best. I set the DVR each week, but it’s not a must-watch show. I’ll stay with it through the end of the season in the hopes that it improves. I was surprised that it was renewed for Season 2 so early but given the investments in the game guess it was bound to be renewed.

    Revolution is in the same bucket as Defiance. Okay but not must-see tv. It’s too cliche. They’ll have one great episode and then a “filler” episode and repeat the cycle. I’ll continue to set the DVR and maybe season 2 will bring new and interesting storylines.

    Thanks for the podcast!

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