What is Dragon Con?

July 21, 2013

Regular listeners of our podcasts know that I’ve attended Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia over Labor Day weekend every year since 2005. Since not everyone knows what Dragon Con is I thought I would create this brief, audio introduction. Below are several helpful resources for those who are new to the con.

Helpful Resources –

Official Dragon Con website

Listing of the fan programming tracks

Award winning ‘Four Days At Dragon Con’ documentary

WTF is Dragon*Con? – Just Cos: Dragon*Con video

DragonCon 2013 part 1 – Epic Costume Party video from beatdownboogie

Official Dragon Con Facebook group

Kevin’s Dragon Con Newbies Facebook group

50 Days Of Dragon Con podcasts

‘Debriefing Dragon Con’ podcasts

Recordings of several recent Dragon Con panels

Other Helpful Resources Not Mentioned On The Podcast

Daily Dragon (official)
Dragon Con Live Journal
5 Ways Dragon*Con Is Not Your Daddy’s Comic-Con

Music: Dragons (Aleksi Virta) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

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