Tuning in to SciFi TV #264

October 30, 2013

Water Cooler
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Back Porch

42:11 – Arrow 2.03 Broken Dolls
50:23 – Grimm 3.01 The Ungrateful Dead
58:01 – The Walking Dead 4.02 Infected

Listen to the episode now using the ‘Play’ button below. Follow the break for the detailed Show Notes.

Show Notes and Links

Quick Reviews

Sun 10/20
– Ultimate Spider-man 2.23 Second Chance Hero
– Avengers Assemble 1.12 Avengers Impossible!
– Once Upon A Time 3.04 Nasty Habits
– The Walking Dead 4.02 Infected
– Witches of East End 1.03 Today I am a Witch
Mon 10/21
– Beauty and the Beast 2.03 Liar, Liar
Tue 10/22
– Agents of SHIELD 1.05 Girl in the Flower Dress
– Supernatural 9.03 I’m No Angel
Wed 10/23
– American Horror Story 3.03 The Replacements
– Arrow 2.03 Broken Dolls
– The Tomorrow People 1.03 Girl, Interrupted
– Misfits 5.01 Episode #5.1
– Revolution 2.05 One Riot, One Ranger
Thu 10/24
– The Big Bang Theory 7.06 The Romance Resonance
– The Vampire Diaries 5.04 For Whom the Bell Tolls
– Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 1.03 Forget Me Not
Fri 10/25
– Grimm 3.01 The Ungrateful Dead
– Haven 4.07 Lay Me Down
– Dracula 1.01 The Blood is the Life


Fox Gives ‘Almost Human’ A Two Night Premiere And Moves It Back to Nov 17th
Karl Urban (Almost Human) interview
Arrow casts another Firefly alum
CBS considers a reboot of Charmed
Interviews with The Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln (Rick) and Lauren Cohan (Maggie)
Day of the Doctor Official BBC Promo
Cool Things Found in New Doctor Who Promo
Falling Skies Casting News
Mark Pellegrino Interview (Tomorrow People, SPN, and More)
Photos from Doctor Who 50th Docudrama
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Casting News
Another Movie Cross-over for Agents of SHIELD
Video Interview with Anna Silk (Lost Girl)

Episode #264 hosted by Wendy Hembrock and Brent Barrett. Recorded on 10/27/13. Edited by Brent Barrett.

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Theme song graciously provided by Beatnik Turtle.

Promo for B Movie Bargain Bin podcast.

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